[Kc] Reminder: Meeting tonight 7pm at Planet Sub

djgoku djgoku at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 08:52:48 PDT 2006

On 7/12/06, C. Garrett Goebel <ggoebel at goebel.ws> wrote:
> > Maybe 2nd Tuesday and 4th Wednesday of the month?
> I'll have to check with my wife's competing monthly book club and coffee
> night. But I'm sure I'll be able to be a regular at at least one of those
> if not both.
> > I have setup a JCCCLUG, there isn't much activity on the "board/list".
> > I know they have *nix classes, which I have taken one of them. Maybe
> > we could have the teachers help put the word out for groups like us. I
> > have wanted to give a talk about *nix maybe in the intro class, but
> > don't think I have enough experience for that yet.
> You are exactly the type of person who could bridge the gap between old
> hat Perl Mongers and potential new ones.

/me wonders what the average age of KCPM group is.

> Do you think the TA's and prof's would be willing to spread the word?

If I remember correctly I emailed my *nix teacher after finishing her
course if I could come speak/mass email her students or have her
foward an email about groups and I think she said yes? I can find out.
There is at least two *nix teachers (I think).

> Any thoughts on good locations around JCCC?

No Idea, will have to think on that one.

> Beer is nice, but age restrictions aren't.


> Internet access is nice, but we've managed just fine without it.

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