[Kc] Reminder: Meeting tonight 7pm at Planet Sub

C. Garrett Goebel ggoebel at goebel.ws
Wed Jul 12 07:31:07 PDT 2006

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006, Andrew Moore wrote:
> "Is there any interest in moving next month's meeting to someplace
> with beer on tap and free wireless Internet access?" If we get any
> suggestions or interest, we can do some kind of straw poll or
> something. I recall Garrett putting a bit of work into solving this
> problem some time ago.
> Surely we can find some place centrally located that will cater to our
> diverse needs.

beer on tap would be good.

way back when... I collected the work and home zipcodes of people, looked
up their longitude and latitude and found the average of each. I think
that pointed to somewhere around Shawnee Mission Parkway and I-35.

There are many problems with that approach. The people who respond often
aren't the ones who come. And simply locating meetings at the cross-hairs
ignores where people are coming from and the availability of major roads
to get there.

In the end, all my effort was for naught. Planet Sub was where the group
had last been meeting before I'd gotten involved. Well, I think we did end
up solving the problem of overlap with KCLUG meeting times. Does anyone
know the  current KCLUG schedule?

On the one hand, having a single meeting place makes things very simple.
And having a regular time even more so. On the other hand, having meetings
out in the vicinity of KC, MO is pretty discouraging to the Lawrence and
Topeka crowds. Who pretty much never come.

If anyone else is up for it, I'd like to try having 2 standing
"social" meetings per month on different days of the week... one near
KC,MO and another out by I-35/I-435/K10. Where the week of the month
would not conflict with KCLUG meetings. Using different days of the week
would help alleviate scheduling conflicts for some people for those
people who aren't too far away from either location. I think that
would maximize the number of people who could be involved.

If there's no standing agenda to the meetings. Then I think people might
be more likely to make it a regular thing. If the meeting venues are near
enough to JCCC and UMKC/Rockhurst... we might eventually pick up some
spill over interest from the college crowd.



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