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No, they are real filenames. Let me explain what I'm writing this CGI script
for. I'm taking an input file and making it into a format that is suitable
for running svm_classify on it. So, I parse the given file and store the
formatted data in "input-file.dat". I already have a model file called "
model-file.dat". Now, "svm_classify" takes these two files as inputs and
generates the output file whose name I have to provide as the third
argument, (say) output-file.dat. How do I execute svm_classify now? By the
way, I'm writing this script on a file server, so do I have to give the
actual path which is something like "/.automount/..." instead of "/home/..."


On 1/17/06, Frank Wiles <frank at wiles.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jan 2006 20:06:29 -0600
> user perl <user.perl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Thanks for the reply. However I've installed the svm_classify in the
> > same 'cgi-bin' directory. I'm enclosing my code snippet as below. I'd
> > appreciate if you could suggest me how to modify the line to execute
> > svm_classify.
> >
> > system "svm_classify input-file model-file output-file";
>   Right, but you still need to give it the full path so instead of that
>   use:
>   `/path/to/cgi-bin/svm_classify $input_file $model_file $output_file`
>   As Im' assuming those were placeholders and not the real file names.
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