[Kc] Perl-XML Module List

Teal ironicface at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 25 17:23:31 CDT 2003


This seems like a good list.
XML:Grove, is supposed to be easier to use.
Many of these rely on Expat (a C xml parser), and the
Expat perl libraries.

Validating is a little harder, and I don't know any of the details for that.

- Teal


Hello all,

        I appreciated Garrett's honest review of the O'Reilly _Perl & 
XML_ book.  Being new to XML myself, I might have been tempted to 
purchase this book.  Instead, I turn to you for help.  ;)

        I was wondering if anybody (everbody?) could recommend a 
particular Perl XML module.  I'm new to XML and want to do a small 
project where I read in a simple well-formed (and maybe even valid) XML 
document.  I want something that's fairly simple to use and since there 
were over 900 returns when I did 'i /xml/' from the CPAN command line, I 
was a little overwhelmed.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,


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