[Kc] Informal social meeting

Joe Oppegaard joe at oppegaard.net
Sun Aug 17 14:01:49 CDT 2003


I'm a Portland Perl Monger out driving around this beautiful country 
and it I'm going to be in KC tonight (I'm in Dodge City right now). 
Some people free on such short notice feel like getting together and 
having a beer or whatever? I've never been to KC before so suggestions 
on places to go and how to get there would be nice.

So, maybe somewhere around 8 or 9ish? I should be getting into town 
around 6 or 7 I think.

(I'll be driving so I won't be able to check e-mail until I can find 
another place to connect down the road a bit).


	-Joe Oppegaard

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