[Kc] 2002-11-19 Meeting Report:

Garrett Goebel garrett at scriptpro.com
Tue Nov 26 14:14:08 CST 2002

2002-11-19 Meeting Summary

Stephen Clouse, David Dummler, Garrett Goebel, Lezlie Martin, Doug Sparling,
and newcomer Adam Stajna were in attendance. Quite a drop from last month,
but a good group. 


o  KCLUG conflict

  Yes, KCLUG (http://www.kclug.org/) appears to meet on the first Wednesday
and 3rd Tuesday of the month. Agenda item for next meeting: do we move to a
different Tuesday?

o  KC.PM web/mail conversion (Garrett Goebel and Andrew Moore) 

  Hey look! the list has moved to kc at mail.pm.org. You should have gotten an
email describing how you can access the administrative interface and

[Book Review]

o  Extending and Embedding Perl (Stephen Clouse)

  Stephen gave us an overview of the fact that this is a very good book. If
Stephen doesn't get around to writing his review up and posting it to the
list, I will. -As I've just gotten the okay from Manning for a review copy.


o  Post Puzzle Analysis: Hoops 'Round Loops (Garrett Goebel)

Award the Green (with Envy) Camel in abstentia to Paul Kulchenko for his 66
byte entry:

  map{/KCPM/&&printf("%s/%s/%s %s",(split/-|,/)[1,2,0,5])}sort<DATA>

The fastest was a revision I made to Paul's script which removed 3
unnecessary bytes, but added 4:

  map printf("%s/%s/%s %s",(split/-|,/)[1,2,0,5]),sort grep/K/,<DATA>

Curiously enough, the discussion centered around the use of grep, sort,
split, printf, and map. The Green Camel is a rather heavy green glass camel
figurine. The current plan is that the winner of each month's puzzle will
take possession of the camel in the interceeding month before giving it up
to the next month's victor.

o  New Puzzle: Chicken and the Egg (Garrett Goebel)

  Will be posted to the list shortly


o  POE (Garrett Goebel)

I shamelessly stole and presented the first half of Matt Sergeant's
excellent TPC2002 presentation on POE. Which you can find at: 


POE is pretty neat.

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