[pm-h] Error 401 Authorization Required

Mike Flannigan mikeflan at att.net
Thu Mar 21 17:56:30 PDT 2013

On 3/21/2013 11:09 AM, John Ellyson wrote:
> Mike,
> According to the link below, ActiveState is now allowing PPM access 
> for their community edition of ActivePerl mainly for the latest 
> versions (>5.12).  If you're paying for support for their business 
> edition of ActivePerl, then they'll provide access to their PPM 
> repositories for the older versions of ActivePerl. Based on the date 
> of the FAQ, this appears to be something very recent that they have 
> implemented.
> http://community.activestate.com/node/9565
> John Ellyson

Odd as it may seem, my PPM is still working in this
5.8.0 Perl.  I just searched for 'search' and it got
114 hits.  When I first enter PPM it says:

PPM - Programmer's Package Manager version 3.1.
Copyright (c) 2001 ActiveState SRL. All Rights Reserved.

Entering interactive shell. Using Term::ReadLine::Stub as readline library.

It will probably quit working one of these days.


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