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Maybe we should have a Perl install fest for one of our meetings!


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On 3/15/2013 6:41 AM, Mark Allen wrote:

Out of sheer curiosity why stick at 5.8?

No particular reason.  I upgraded once from 
ActivePerl- to 5.8 (back in 2003) and 
then just remained there.  Then I finally decided 
to upgrade 2 months ago, but it didn't go well.

I just found this note dated 12/22/2012 that 
I posted to Perl Beginners.  I wrote both 
parts of this:


Please ignore the post below.  The answer is that 
it tries to install to C:/Perl64, but for some 
odd reason never creates that directory, or at 
least I can't see it or get to it by typing the 
address into file explorer, even though it says 
it installs fine.

This version of ActiveState also won't install over 
the older version.  You have to delete the older 
version to get this to install.

I don't think ActiveState is doing such a great 
job of maintaining this Perl for non-business 
users.  That is my opinion.

It's not working now, so I will have other 
questions to post soon.


Just tried to upgrade from 5.8.0 to 5.16.1 (64bit) 
on one of my machines.  Ran this:
and it installed fine, but I can't find it.

I normally keep Perl in C:/Perl, but when I 
go there it's still 5.8.0.  I did a search for 'active'
and '16.1' and 'Perl' and 'bin', but can't find it anywhere.

I also checked the documentation for install location, 
but didn't find it.

This is on Win7.

I just found at this location:
that "Perl is installed by default in C:\Perl".  That 
is where I want it, but it doesn't look like it whet 
there.  I have perl.exe, perl5.6.1.exe, and perl5.8.0.exe 
files in C:/Perl/bin.  The newest file in that directory 
is libeay32.dll from 2/2012.

Very odd.  If anybody knows where it installs please 
let me know.

Mike Flannigan

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