[pm-h] May meeting

G. Wade Johnson gwadej at anomaly.org
Mon Apr 26 20:07:01 PDT 2010

There has not been much discussion on the list about the next meeting
topic, so I wanted to remind everyone that the next meeting is in a
little over two weeks (Thurs, May 13).

We've had suggestions for topics like

 * Getting stuff done with Perl One-Liners
 * Intro to LWP and WWW::Mechanize for Web Automation
 * Useful Core Perl modules
 * Using CPAN to avoid writing code
 * Perl Tips and Tricks
 * New Perl features since Perl 5.8

At the last meeting, a few people also asked about more introductory
Perl presentations.

If you have a particular interest (or would like to present), email the

G. Wade
As a software development model, Anarchy does not scale well.
                                                       -- Dave Welch

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