[Edinburgh-pm] tour #3.1, #4 & #5 ... St Andrews A-Hoy!

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Tue Jan 28 06:43:26 PST 2014

Murray <perl at minty.org> wrote:
> Thur 30th January : Heretics.  I gather Miles is busy, so begging his
> forgiveness, the suggestion is:
>     http://www.tilesbar.co.uk/ (as suggested by Andrew)
>     The south-east corner of St Andrew's Square, just off Princes Street.
>     I've reserved a table from ~18:30 in my name.  They serve food.

Hurrah! Heretical beer is nearly upon us!

> Thur 27th February : Tour venue #4.
>     http://www.mashtunedinburgh.co.uk/ (as suggested by Miles)
>     154 Easter Road
> This is further outside the centre than I think we're ideally looking for
> as a regular venue, but given we're on tour, seems like a chance to try
> somewhere different!


> It had previouslly been suggested we might try St Andrews one month.  How about
> March?  Thur 27th March is the date for your calendars.

I'm up for this.

> Venue TBD.  I believe the local train station is Leuchars.

Edwin, any suggestions for a venue? And/or thoughts on travel arrangements?

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