[Edinburgh-pm] tour #3.1, #4 & #5 ... St Andrews A-Hoy!

Murray perl at minty.org
Sun Jan 26 09:50:11 PST 2014

Based on previous suggestions & last thurs meeting, I propose the following:

Thur 30th January : Heretics.  I gather Miles is busy, so begging his
forgiveness, the suggestion is:

    http://www.tilesbar.co.uk/ (as suggested by Andrew)
    The south-east corner of St Andrew's Square, just off Princes Street.


    I've reserved a table from ~18:30 in my name.  They serve food.


Thur 27th February : Tour venue #4.

    http://www.mashtunedinburgh.co.uk/ (as suggested by Miles)
    154 Easter Road


    I've not reserved anything yet, but provided I don't forget, will do so
    prior.  They serve food.

This is further outside the centre than I think we're ideally looking for
as a regular venue, but given we're on tour, seems like a chance to try
somewhere different!


... and I know this is waaay in advance, but thought it might be worth an early
heads up ...

It had previouslly been suggested we might try St Andrews one month.  How about
March?  Thur 27th March is the date for your calendars.

Venue TBD.  I believe the local train station is Leuchars.

Edi -> Leuchars
    17:35 -> 18:33
    18:00 -> 19:10
    18:11 -> 19:22
    18:33 -> 19:37
    19:00 -> 20:02

Leuchars -> Edi
    21:32 -> 22:52
    22:29 -> 23:49
    22:56 -> 00:05

According to nationalrail.co.uk, a std off-peak return is £17.10 or £20.40
depending on which train we get.  Perhaps those with local knowledge might know
of better deals?  Those prices *might* involve advance booking?

I called St Andrews Taxi (01334 477272).  They quoted £100 one-way from St
Andrews to Princes St in Edinburgh departing St Andrews at 23:30, for a six
seater taxi.

So it doesn't look like a Taxi would be cheaper, tho if there were enough
people willing to pay the extra it might be easier?  I suggest we discuss at
Heretics & in Feb and see what people think.

Anyway -- that's the suggestion(s) ... anyone interested?  Or have better

Anyone from St Andrews likely to be around on March 27th?

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