[Edinburgh-pm] edinburgh.pm "tour"

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri Nov 1 04:40:14 PDT 2013

It was proposed (& 2nd etc) at last night's heretics to explore alternatives to
the Cumberland for a venue for the *regular* monthly meet.

On the grounds that the Cumberland hasn't gotten better since being taken over.

And we fancied a change.

Bert's bar appears to have a pub quiz on Thursdays (too noisey for chat).  So
we moved across to Teuchters (no pub food -- only restaraunt food downstairs).

The suggestion is that rather than try to pick a pub, we'll instead embark on a
~6 month "tour", trying a different location each month, before selecting a
winner to call home.

Call it "Test Driven (meetup location) Development" if you will ;)

Suggestions welcome for future places to try welcome ...

For Thur November 28th (Thanksgiving!) the general consensus was to try

    Kay's bar
    Jamaica St, EH3 6HF.
    0131 225 1858

Note that's also the thursday before the London Perl Workshop


fwiw ... for venues ... my understanding of the holy grail, in no particular

    - real ale
    - no background music / loud TVs / pub quiz
    - serves decent food, not too fancy/pricey
    - tables book-able
    - reasonably central
    - has wifi
    - friendly staff

However, I've little hope we'll get one place that does all those perfectly for
all people.

Edinburgh Perl Cat Herder

ps. it was also suggested we might try a meeting in Glasgow and/or St Andrew's
... just to give the whole tour thing a bit more rigour.  Thoughts?

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