[Edinburgh-pm] Call for Talks - 2011 February

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 12:40:16 PST 2011

Hello everybody,

Our Glasgow.pm next meeting will be on 2011-02-10, the day after the
second Wednesday of the month, at the usual venue.

I was very happy to see a large number of us at the last Edinburgh.pm
social, and hope one day to have a similar amount of people for the
technical meeting as well.

It can't quite happen unless we have talks, though.

As usual, I'm poking around to see if anybody is volunteering for any talks :)
A 5-minute lightning talk is always welcome, of course.
We may even have a lightning talk bingo if there are enough. Pints of
beer for prizes.

I'll bring some news regarding the Edinburgh Dynamic Languages
conference, and possibly a talk about the SSH honeypot I've set up,
along with some nice graphs.

I look forward to seeing you next week on Thursday for our monthly meeting.

Till soon,

Marco Fontani
Glasgow Perl Mongers - http://glasgow.pm.org/
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