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Anyone up for this?


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Subject: [inf-general] Smalltalk tutorial day Saturday
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As a precursor to the European Smalltalk User Group conference
(http://tinyurl.com/42z7752) which is taking place in the Forum next week,
Stephane Ducasse is going to give a one-day introduction to Smalltalk this
coming Saturday. Knowing the lecturer I expect this to be a lot of fun; in
particular, if you've always wanted to know about Smalltalk but been afraid
to ask, come along. All welcome; no need to register, just turn up.

Date: Saturday 20th August
Time: 10.30 - 17.00 (may finish earlier; there will be a break for lunch at
some point; quiet coming and going is allowed)
Place: Informatics Forum, G03

Discovering Smalltalk

Smalltalk is a pure and elegant object language. This lecture will cover
the fundamental aspects of Smalltalk: syntax, semantics, and key aspects of
the system. Doing so we will also revise the real semantics of self/super.
We will show the power of polymorphism in action by simply learning from
the system. Finally we will go into more design aspect again based on the
systems. As a bonus we will start the lecture with a 15 min presentation of
Seaside, a powerful web framework for dynamic web application.

This lecture may be followed by a lecture on more advanced object-oriented
design: law of demeter, encapsulation, multiple interface of classes,
composition vs. inheritance

Bio: He is expert in object-oriented language design, dynamic languages,
reflective programming, language semantics as well as reengineering,
program analysis, visualizations, software metrics. Recently he worked on
traits, composable method groups, and this work got some impact. Traits
have been introduced AmbiantTalk, Pharo, Perl-6, PHP 5.4 and Squeak. They
influenced Scala and Fortress SUN Microsystems. Stephane is one of the
developer of Pharo (http://www.pharo.project.org/) an open-source language
inspired by Smalltalk. He is one of the core developer of Moose, an
open-source reengineering environment (http://moose.unibe.ch/). He is the
president of the European Smalltalk User Group and organize a yearly
international conference on Smalltalk. He wrote a couple of fun books to
teach programming and other serious topics such as dynamic web development
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