[Edinburgh-pm] venue

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri Feb 19 04:49:16 PST 2010

On the subject of administrative issues ... I find I much prefer the
Cumberland Bar [1] to the Guildford Arms [2] these days.


- free wifi
- serves half decent pub food
- typically same bar staff in any two consecutive months
- more seating space (I suspect)
- beer garden, for those 2 summer days, should they overlap with a
- my name is on the bar.

Plus, their real ale selection seems at least as broad and well
cellar'd.  I don't know the status of the Guildford, but the Cumberland
is a freehouse.

On the minus side, I note it's a little bit further for those who need
to grab a train afterwards.  But is closer (I think) for Andrew!

And while I think it has a TV, it likely doesn't have the same degree of
football coverage as the Guildford.  For me, this is a plus, but I know
that won't be universal.

Any views?

[1] http://www.cumberlandbar.co.uk/
[2] http://www.guildfordarms.com/

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