[Edinburgh-pm] Meetings

A Smith asmith9983 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 04:23:01 PST 2010

I've not been at a Perl Mongers Meeting for ages, although I've bumped into
some members at one of the many other meetings I go to.

I recall this  commencing when the regular Guild Ford  Arms 1st Wednesday of
the month  meetings stopped.
This message was prompted by the recommendation  of a fixed date to someone
starting a new mongers group.

Any reason we can't return to the 1st Wednesday ? We can make the core meet
up time 19:15 - 19:45 with anyone intimating they will be outside that band.
One good aspect of Edin-pm is the computer language, related tools  and
application discussion everyone has and appears to enjoy.

Do others agree with my sentiments for aiming for a fixed meeting date ?

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