[Edinburgh-pm] Miles is so very old he's started forgetting appointments

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Wed Apr 14 04:49:44 PDT 2010

As Keith has helpfully reminded me, I'm meant to be on the No2ID stall
at 1pm this Saturday (the 17th). So, let's have the picnic /after/ the
stall, starting at about 3.30pm. All other plans remain unchanged.

Sorry for the confusion.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 04:38:13PM +0100, Miles Gould wrote:
> Dear all,
> Today is my thirtieth birthday. Yay. Now, it's a bit late to plan
> anything major for tonight (though if anyone fancies meeting for a pint
> after Dorkbot, give me a shout), so I thought we could do something at
> the weekend. Specifically, I'd like to suggest a picnic, in the
> Meadows*, on Saturday afternoon (starting at, let's say 1pm) followed by
> board games round at our flat. If it rains (which it's currently not
> predicted to) we can move inside earlier. We can provide crash space and
> bedding for something like seven people. Come along for some or all of
> the day, and bring friends/partners/hangers-on/anyone I forgot to invite. 
> The following day we'd thought of catching the train out to Fife and
> going for a walk along the coast, but I could probably be talked into
> going climbing (Aberdour?) if anyone else was up for it...
> Anyway, I hope to see you all there!
> Miles
> * I'm thinking the Meadows rather than the Botanics because (a) they're
> more central, (b) there's a supermarket, for the purchasing of tasty
> food, (c) otherwise hard-to-reach jugglers are likely to be there
> already, (d) I don't think you can barbecue things in the Botanics.
> -- 
> Programs that write programs are the happiest programs in the world.
>   -- Andrew Hume

A situation like this needs to be handled carefully, so I looked to my
role models for guidance. What would Spider-Man do? Make a joke, then
punch someone. Entertaining, but probably not helpful in this case. Hmm,
how about Benton Fraser (the Mountie from Due South)? He'd be extremely
polite, and solve the problem that way; ah, that sounds more promising.
  -- John Kirk

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