[Edinburgh-pm] 11th August - Paul and Jacinta (PJF and jarich) come to Edinburgh!

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jul 13 04:10:24 PDT 2009

G'day Aaron / Edinburgh.pm,

History: I dropped a note to London.pm saying that Jacinta and myself will
be passing through on our way to YAPC::EU.  Aaron had the good sense to
mention that if we were in the area, that Edinburgh is a great place to visit...

We join our heroic adventurers as they plan their trip around Scotland and
Northern England...

Aaron Crane wrote:

> Hi.  If you're planning to be in Scotland during August, I'd like to
> suggest in particular that you come to Edinburgh: quite apart from the
> city itself and the Edinburgh Festival, we also have a local Perl
> Mongers chapter.  We're a small but friendly group, and we like
> welcoming visitors.
> http://edinburgh.pm.org/

Sold!  It looks like we'll be arriving in Edinburgh on the 11th August, and
will travelling down to Darlington on the 12th.  An Emergency Social would
be absolutely fantastic if one could be arranged.

I could also be convinced to give a talk (20-45 minutes) on something, as
long as it's Perl related, I can pick the topic, and there'll be drinks
during/afterwards.  ;)

I know this may be asking a bit, but if anyone happens to have a spare couch
or two on the night of the 11th August, then we don't yet have accommodation
booked in Edinburgh.  I've found that staying with awesome tech people is so
much better than staying in a hotel/hostel, and we're both very low
maintenance.  ;)

All the very best, and see you all on the 11th,


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