[Edinburgh-pm] "barcamp scotland"

Andrew Smith asmith9983 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 18:22:20 PST 2007

If I thought I'd learn something, I'd go along, but like Nick I'm not 
sure what's it's about.  In 1974 I  learned how to solder properly  
watching a 20 minute film in Appleton Tower, and that served me well for 
many years
I suspect I'm of the wrong generation, how to feel old!!  I also have a 
crap mobile with six   20 century features:-
Mono display
Send and receive voice communications
Send and receive Text Messages.
Poor battery life to help you save money.
So if anyone can shed some light on what may actually happen at Appleton 
Tower, I'll brave Saturday buses.
Nick Woolley wrote:
> Hello PMs,
> I'm not entirely sure what this about, but I was humming and ha-ing
> about going to see for myself.  It's this coming weekend.
> http://barcamp.org/BarCampScotland
> On a similar topic, I also saw these advertised upcoming in April:
> http://refreshedinburgh.org/
> http://thehighlandfling.com/2007/
> The former is a general "interest group", however the latter is a
> conference which I think costs real money, but they won't say how much
> until you register. This combined with the uh, slick design, managed to
> convince me it'd be too expensive for a git like me.
> N
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