[Edinburgh-pm] CPAN application installation in practice

Nick Woolley nickwoolley at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 10:53:40 PDT 2007

Barbie wrote:
> Have a look at the Alien:: distributions (eg Alien::Selenium [1]), as
> they do things like this when installing 3rd party libraries. I suggest
> Selenium as that installs well on Win32 too :)

Ah yes, I'd installed that previously but forgotten about it (needed the 
nightly selenium snapshots more often than not).   Thanks, I'll have a look.

I'll also have a look at AK's stuff - had already come across 
File::HomeDir and File::ShareDir etc., but alas haven't found a 
File::ConfigDir or equivalent.  If I come up with nowt I'll badger the 



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