[Edinburgh-pm] London Perl Workshop, 26th November

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 03:12:08 PST 2005

Noone at the meeting last night seemed to have heard about the
forthcoming London Perl Workshop, so I thought I'd mention it here.

The workshop is free to attend, but since there aren't limitless places,
you have to sign up on the website:


I'm having some problems reaching that site at the moment, but I'm sure
it'll be up again shortly.

This is taken from the announcement that went to the London.pm list:

  London Perl Workshop 2005

  City University London, UK
  Saturday 26th November 2005, 10am to 6pm

  The 2005 London Perl Workshop is intended to allow Perl beginners to
  learn from long-standing members of the community, while also giving
  the experts a chance to make easy tasks seem trivial, and hard tasks
  seem easy.

  We'd specifically like to encourage people who wouldn't normally speak
  at, or even come to, Perl events to turn up and to submit talk
  proposals.  We promise we're a lovely bunch of people and we want to
  hear from people outside the usual circle of Perl mongers.

  As a special treat we're lucky enough to have Mark Jason Dominus
  speaking.  He'll be doing an extended talk on Higher Order Perl and
  related subjects which practically every Perl programmer -- from
  novice to wizard -- can learn from.  MJD (as he is affectionately
  known) is consistently rated one of the best speakers at OSCON and his
  talks are always highly entertaining and incredibly informative.


  We will be running two tracks -- "Learning Perl" and "Advanced Perl".
  The workshop will run from 10am to 6pm, with an hour set aside for
  lunch (food will not be provided, but there are plenty of pubs and
  cafes nearby).  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available at morning
  and afternoon breaks.

  You can subscribe to the announcements list here:


Aaron Crane

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