[edinburgh-pm] Which Perl module for reading from simple databases?

Eric Robertson eric.robertson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 05:48:29 CDT 2003


Here's another suggestion.

I also use DBD::CSV driver along with DBI to access simple CSV files that my
clients have produced but since I can manage quite well with flat databases
on the Web and as my clients often are not able to install extra Perl
modules on the servers they're using I use the DB_File module that is
already installed on modern Perl systems. It links in with the Berkeley DB
database system which again is installed nowadays. You can find more
information about DB_File at http://search.cpan.org/dist/DB_File/DB_File.pm.


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> I'd like to incorporate some data from a simple "database" (in the
> loosest sense) into a page on my website. The data to be included will
> be text only (field names, free text, URIs, etc).
> The data would be used in the context of: either selecting and
> displaying all data in the database in an ordered fashion, or, selecting
> and displaying certain records in the database based on form input (ie,
> field selection) by the user.
> I was thinking of doing something like creating a CSV
> (comma-separated-values) file, ie, something that I can easy edit by
> hand -- or alternatively, something that I can easily create/edit
> through a webform on localhost if that is supported. I explicitly don't
> want to go to the hassle of MySQL (although I'm perhaps open to
> persuasion on that?).
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