[edinburgh-pm] Is it Time for Perl Certification?

David R. Baird dave at zerofive.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 17:49:46 CDT 2003

Further to a recent discussion, Tim Maher has written an article 
in this month's Perl Journal titled "Is it Time for Perl 
Certification?". He argues convincingly that it is, and suggests 
that the Perl community itself should set up and run the thing. 
Unfortunately, you have to pay for a subscription to TPJ to read 
the article, but Maher has set up a Kwiki at 
http://perlcert.perlocity.org/ that seems to go into it in some 
detail (haven't studied it myself yet). There's also a Perl 
certification mailing list that you can sign up to from that 


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