[Dub-pm] Anyone going to the Irish Open Source Technology Conference?

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Wed Jun 4 05:29:47 PDT 2008

On Wed, June 4, 2008 13:12, Tim Bunce wrote:
>> As many software shops as (I think) there are in greater Dublin, we
>> should be able to find the core group of perl people.
> I'd expect so. It does require *active* reaching out to contact people
> and spread the word. Get people talking, bloging, singing (er, maybe not)
> about it and telling their friends and collegues.

this might help; I think part of the problem at least with this list is
that there doesn't really seem to be a point to being a member (I've been
on it for a few years, and I keep forgetting about it). What, exactly,
does it confer? Generally speaking, if I'm looking for Perl help I'm far
more likely to hit up Google (there is some irony, I'm sure, in using a
python-driven site to find Perl help) or quiz my coworkers. If I'm looking
for new coworkers I'm far more likely to hit up a recruitment site or my
personal contacts. And the likes of ILUG and SAGE tend to cover the more
sort of 'social' events.

waider at waider.ie / webmail - evidently I'm not at home.

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