[Dub-pm] Anyone going to the Irish Open Source Technology Conference?

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Wed Jun 4 03:40:52 PDT 2008

> What is it with Perl users in Dublin?
> (London PM is big, active, and has great time.)
> I'll try promoting dublin-pm during my talk.

We irish people are very peculiar.  It's not that we don't use perl, 
because we do.  Or that we don't use DBI, because we do, and we love it. 
And we all love bitching about inferior languages like PHP and about how 
skanky they are,

It's probably more an issue of getting a critical mass of people together. 
  There are a couple of overlapping cliques in Dublin, namely the linux.ie 
bunch and the SAGE crowd.  Might be worth mentioning this talk on their 
mailing lists?


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