[Dub-pm] what's Perl used for anyway?

John Day johnd at pci.ie
Mon Sep 27 18:14:51 CDT 2004

Hi all,
I was wondering the other day (well just now anyway) what other people in Dub/Irl actually use Perl for in their daily lives/work?
Parsing text, web scripting, network admin, home automation, bio work etc etc...
We all know how powerful Perl can be, but I don't see much on "how" it's actually used here in IRL (yeah I know about__CGI, but what else? and on what OS?)
(please don't start any "MS is better then Linux, Linux is better then MS debates, I'm just trying to find out about the group here)
I work in Perl in a Win32 environment, and use it for everything from parsing XML files and throwing the results into excel, to parsing weblogs and generating graphs, monitoring servers, ftp and general personal screen scrapping and a good bit more.
Would it be a stupid idea if we all came forward and said what we do (and can do), so when others stumble into that area (which happens all too commonly in IT), we know we can pop off a question here and get a reasonable response with no condensation or flames,  rather then go to some anon site, which is probably full of either flame baiters or "Perl gods" who cant find the earth any more as the have "ascended".
Anyways, glad to see the meeting went well, I will make the next one.
ps if ANYONE has ANY Perl questions then please post them to the group, I for one will actively try to either answer the question or point out where to find the solution & I'm sure most other group members feel the same way. Again sorry for not getting to the meeting :-(

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