[Dub-pm] Perl, then.

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Apr 13 04:10:13 CDT 2004

Well, I guess we've got a good few subscribers now, enough to not make me
repeat myself later :) Coming onto 40 subscribers now. Ta for signing up,
and apologies for making it seem like a dead list over the weekend.
So, where to go from here. The website (as it stands now) is basically a
placeholder (although being as it is several pages, is a little more
serviceable than that). If anyone feels like doing up what these days
is accepted as a webpage, please do feel free to let me know. (You can
tell I haven't made a webpage, to speak of, since about 1997).
Also, for the moment, the list is members posting only. I've rejected
about 5 mails that were spam sent to the list over the weekend, so
I think this is worthwhile (Anyone on ILUG can attest to the annoyance of
spam on the list). Perhaps in a few weeks, if it gets super-annoying
for one person to do, I'll be asking if anyone wants to help moderate
the list.
On another note, YAPC::Europe is in Belfast this year
I've made initial inquiries to them about hotel conference rates, etc.
According to the wiki, the conference centre is '90 seconds' walk from the
Europa Hotel, which makes it dead close to one of the train stations in
(the driver on the enterprise seems to flip a coin to decide which to go to).
Anyone interested, even slightly (it's early days yet) can contact me offlist,
and I'll build up a list of interested parties.
I'm also welcome to suggestions for meeting venues; (My current workplace has
a decent meeting room with A/V etc, but we're moving office in 2 weeks, so
my own situation is in a bit of a jocker at the moment). I'm hoping to get
at least a social meeting done in the next few weeks, depending on interest.
So. Perl, then.
    - DoC

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