[Dub-pm] Intro

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Apr 9 12:30:45 CDT 2004

Art said on Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 06:26:10PM +0100:
> So...I was told there was beer involved.. :)

Possibly, possibly :)
> Oh and on the YAPC (http://belfast.yapc.org/) that John Day was on about  I like the idea - "Perl for Profit" though it does sounds like one of those 
> pyramid scheme's ;)
1. Use perl
3. Profit!

Looks like an interesting talk. Apart (obviously) from the free software
aspect of the language, can anyone give examples of how they 'saved' money
with perl? As an individual? Aside from writing your own dodgy eBay auction
camper :)

Welcome, BTW.

	- DoC

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