[DFW.pm] Stop sending me invitations to your events

fpuzhpx at streetwisemail.com fpuzhpx at streetwisemail.com
Thu Oct 16 08:22:44 PDT 2014

Tommy Butler says:
> You are subscribed to the DFW Perl Mongers list.

I subscribed yesterday, and only because there was no other way to
reach you, so that is not the reason.  I receive the invitations in my
gmail account, via Google Plus, as indicated in the screenshot I
linked in the message to which you replied. Here is the link again:

Whatever you are doing to post the invitations on Google Plus is
reaching me, even though I do not have a Google Plus account (and
therefore cannot reply or unsubscribe).  It is also reaching many
other people who do not want to receive the invitations.  Stuart
Johnson may have the right idea; perhaps you are using the "extended
circles" feature.  (Not being a Google Plus user, I do not know.)

Here's Google's help page on "extended circles": 
It says that if you share something in "extended circles" it goes to
people who are in the circles of people in your circles.  This
undoubtedly includes many people who have never heard of you and don't
want to receive invitations.  I don't know if this is what caused your
invitation to be sent to me, but even if it isn't, if you are doing
this, you should stop.

And whatever it is that you are doing, you should take more care with
it, because you have been sending me these invitation for months, and
there is no clear way to reach you to ask you to stop.  I would have
contacted you privately if your invitation had a contact email address
or I had been able to find a personal email address or even a
telephone number for you.

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