[DFW.pm] Is Perl Like Shell Script?

A.J. Maurin coyo at darkdna.net
Sat Oct 19 17:43:09 PDT 2013

On 10/17/2013 11:20 PM, Mike South wrote:
> It might be easier for you to get an idea of this if you give us an 
> example of something complex you did, or were thinking of doing, in a 
> shell script, and we can show you how perl would make it easier (if 
> that happens to be the case for your case).
> mike


I'll need write a shell script. I hope you don't mind waiting a bit, I 
don't want to show you a bad script.

The shell script I have in mind is an IRC bot that uses Netcat to talk 
to the IRC server, and a while loop (the event loop) in bash that's 
forked off from the terminal, but can be killed via killall coybot.sh.

I'll need to rewrite it.

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