[DFW.pm] When I envision Perl...

Larry Emmett LEmmett at efji.com
Fri Mar 1 12:01:29 PST 2013

So my first thought was "Velociraptors don't have opposable thumbs.  If he can't use matches or a lighter, how did he get that fuse lit?"

Then it dawned on me that I was being stupid.  He obviously lit it from the muzzle flash.

I say 'he'.  The raptor's name isn't Camelia is it?

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...I don't see an onion or a camel.  I see this:

<Dinosaur on Shark.JPG>

Perl is no longer "your father's Perl".  Perl is our Perl, today, now.  It has grown and evolved into something ever more useful, and forever more awesome.

I <3 Perl.

--Tommy Butler
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