[DFW.pm] When I envision Perl...

Todd Rinaldo toddr at cpanel.net
Fri Mar 1 09:58:18 PST 2013

Heh… This went out today: http://blog.yapcna.org/post/44302648302/velociraptor-of-christmas-future

On Mar 1, 2013, at 11:08 AM, Tommy Butler <dfwpm at internetalias.net> wrote:

> ...I don't see an onion or a camel.  I see this:
> <Dinosaur on Shark.JPG>
> Perl is no longer "your father's Perl".  Perl is our Perl, today, now.  It has grown and evolved into something ever more useful, and forever more awesome.
> I <3 Perl.
> --Tommy Butler
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