[DFW.pm] CGI Web Socket

Stuart A Johnston saj at thecommune.net
Sat Apr 13 16:20:08 PDT 2013

PDXPM did a talk on this topic on Thursday.  What I gather is that you 
need a frontend library and a compatible backend.  Socket.IO and SockJS 
seem to be the most popular frontends.  Both have Perl modules for the 
backend, written by the same guy and based on Plack.

PocketIO has a more interesting example and a longer history so I'm 
going to give that a try.


On 04/13/2013 04:13 PM, Jerry Kassebaum wrote:
> Could someone please give me  an HTML/JavaScript file and a Perl/CGI
> file to get me started with web sockets?
> I'd suggest something like this. A Firefox tab and a Google Chrome tab
> each are open to the same HTML/JavaScript site. The site has three
> buttons. When I press any button in either browser it changes color PLUS
> sends a message to my server which in turn sends a message through the
> web socket so that the corresponding button in the other browser also
> changes color.
> Thanks in advance! I'm willing to bribe with homebrew (mine) or homemade
> wine (my wife's) if that will help.
> Jerry Kassebaum
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