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kevin kbrannen at pwhome.com
Thu Nov 8 14:30:57 PST 2012

On 11/08/2012 10:00 AM, Dennis Daupert wrote:
>>I've read Dominus's "Higher Order Perl" and didn't care for it.
> Sorry for the top-post -- Lotus Notes does what it does.
> I have a different reaction to "Higher Order Perl." I got a lot out of
> it. I hadn't had any
> dealings with self-referencing subroutines previously, and had a problem
> to solve
> for work that Dominus's stuff solved fantastically. The code I ended up
> writing evolved
> into a tool used regularly by our team and has saved countless hours in
> our development work.

Just to be clear and give a little more detail, because as Dennis points 
out, it's not a bad book and I don't want people to think that.

Even though I didn't care for the book, I'd still recommend that it 
should be looked at to see if it hits you where you live (generic you). 
There are some good nuggets in there, just not as many as I would have 
liked to see. As we're all unique, it'll hit each of us differently.

For me, I didn't get so much out of it as I felt like he kept going 
Iterators, Iterators, Iterators, and the examples he used didn't do much 
for me.  If a person doesn't know much about anonymous subs and/or 
Iterators, you'll learn a lot from this book. It gave me some insight as 
to how Perl 6 will do a few of the new features advertised (if it ever 
sees the light of day). His later chapter on parsing was 
semi-interesting to me as to how he made it work (I don't need to build 
a parser like that and if I did I'd probably use Parse::RecDecent anyway 
instead of building my own).

Dominus is a very smart person with regards to Perl and he gives a lot 
to the community ... and we can all appreciate his generous donation of 
making the book free for download. :) Get it and look it over, perhaps 
it will help you.


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