[columbus.pm] Greetings all you Columbus Perl Mongers

Charles Day Charles.Day at s1te.com
Fri Feb 6 08:27:58 CST 2004

> This is something that I've already started working on, but have written all
> of it in bash. It's sort of an expense tracking system. At the end of the
> day, I enter how much I spent and what I spent it on. I have sinks like
> Grocery, SalesTax, DineOut and
> Entertainment. I have a simple console entry system, and a simple console
> reporting system, although I have been playing around with gnu's plotutils
> package to make some graphs. I've been thinking of rewriting it in perl, but
> just haven't.

I just started this too, but use Excel.  I use Excel's function to calculate average
monthly expenses based on categories, such as food, gas, clothing, etc.  Gives me a
good method to predict the upcoming months.  I've cut these variable expenses from
$1200 to $900 in just one month.  Real cool.  I always thought it was the fixed
expenses that were the problem (mortgage, electric, etc).


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