[columbus.pm] Greetings all you Columbus Perl Mongers

Smith,Devon smithde at oclc.org
Thu Feb 5 09:41:23 CST 2004

> A new project perhaps? Any ideas anyone?

When it comes to ideas, itch scratching is the best way to go. Here are some
of my itches.

This is something that I've already started working on, but have written all
of it in bash. It's sort of an expense tracking system. At the end of the
day, I enter how much I spent and what I spent it on. I have sinks like
Grocery, SalesTax, DineOut and
Entertainment. I have a simple console entry system, and a simple console
reporting system, although I have been playing around with gnu's plotutils
package to make some graphs. I've been thinking of rewriting it in perl, but
just haven't.

For the past few years I've been collecting information as I've come across
it. Lots and lots of things, like
 - a complete list of coutry-code top level domains
 - a complete list of the three letter airport codes
 - song lyrics
 - famous speeches
 - articles
 - technical info, like character set tables
 - maps
 - all the state and national flags
 - state congressional districts
 - etc, etc, etc.
It's very much like a personal, build-as-I-go encyclopedia. It's very poorly
organized though. Currently, it's just a few directories of html and jpegs.
I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to write an app to facilitate
the collection, organization, discovery and presentation of the information.
One interesting aspect of such an app might be peer-to-peer sharing. Most of
the stuff I have is just plain factual, and as such not copyrightable.

Somewhat related to the last idea, I'd like to have a simple
inventory/catalog app for my books/movies/cds/mp3s/imgs etc. Ideally, it
would be able to get partial records from other sources, like from imdb for
movies and freedb for cds. This one has a lot of potential in the
peer-to-peer arena as well.

So, those are my ideas.

Devon Smith <smithde at oclc.org>
Software Engineer, Office of Research
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc

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> Yes, you're going to have security issues with your cookie 
> idea.  You're not
> considering how easily your convenient cookie can be 
> exploited.  This is why IE puts
> strict rules on cookies per domain.  M$ tried/trying your 
> concept with passport, but
> webmasters have to adopt it per website, so it will never 
> become a standard.
> Our forum is this email distribution list.  I've used web 
> forums for various
> corporate and personal solutions, and they never work well 
> because you're adding a
> second layer.  You have to be notified via an email, then log 
> into a webpage, then
> post.  Oh wait, what was my login again?
> However, you are correct, our website does need something.  A 
> new project perhaps? 
> Any ideas anyone?
> > Thanks for the quick responses,
> >
> > John, you're not related to a Bob Hogue who teaches at YSU 
> are you?  He's
> > the prof. for my E-commerce class(Perl, PHP, MYSql), sure 
> would be a big
> > coincidence to run into two Hogues in Ohio who are involved 
> with Perl!
> >
> > My sororities?  Like i said, I'm mostly looking to educate 
> myself about
> > Perl as much as possible.  I would say my interests lie very much in
> > creating Perl scripts for use in Linux/UNIX administration, 
> things alone
> > those lines.  I have had an idea about creating a Perl 
> script that will
> > store the cookies with all password and username data for 
> any websites I
> > use on my USB pen drive, and to automatically send this 
> information to the
> > browser whenever the drive is plugged into a computer, and 
> I have surfed to
> > one of the pages with cookie information stored.  
> Obviously, this would
> > have the end result of making all of my information 
> completely portable, so
> > I could use e-bay, amazon, or whatever else I needed from 
> any computer with
> > an internet connection, without needing to remember a 
> thing.  The next step
> > would be to make sure this is all done securely...but 
> simply having all of
> > this information on a different physical location then your 
> harddrive would
> > be a huge advantage security-wise i would think.  No way 
> for you to steal
> > my information if its not plugged in :-D
> >
> > Of course my prof(Dr. Hogue!) has suggested to me that it 
> may flat out be
> > impossible to do this using closed-source browsers like IE, 
> and I'll need
> > to learn more about cookies...which will be coming in the 
> next 10 weeks or so.
> >
> > As far as a YSU PM chapter...I've thought about starting up 
> that, or a
> > Linux users group here.  My conclusion is that at the 
> moment, I don't feel
> > like I know enough myself to really take the point on such a
> > group...besides the fact that with 17 credit hours and a 
> part-time job, I'm
> > too busy for it.  I was thinking that perhaps by 
> participating in groups
> > like yours, and general tinkering I might feel comfortable 
> enough in these
> > areas to start a group next fall for whoevers interested.  
> Don't want to
> > form a group and have 6 of us sitting in a room asking each 
> other "so, what
> > do we do NOW?"
> >
> > I have a lot of relatives in Columbus, so I actually do 
> come there fairly
> > often.  I'm sure I'll end up making it to one of your 
> meetings sooner or
> > later.  Out of curiosity:  why so little content on the 
> website?  Has
> > anyone thought of putting a forum up there?  I'm sure all 
> of you have had
> > experience installing/running forums like PHPBB, but if the 
> only reason for
> > there being one is that noone has felt like it, I would be more then
> > willing to give it a shot.  Heck, building a forum might 
> make a good spring
> > break project!
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