[Cincinnati-pm] Status of Cincinnati.pm Perl Mongers group

Brent Hill brent.b.hill at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 15:23:24 PDT 2013

I'm glad to see some interest in Perl here and would like to attend
meetings but I don't plan to organize anymore. I copied the existing
mailing list for the group.

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 12:31 PM, Deven T. Corzine <deven at ties.org> wrote:

> I'm writing to find out the status of the Cincinnati.pm Perl Mongers
> group, and to try to initiate some discussion amongst Cincinnati-area
> locals with an interest in Perl.
> My name is Deven Corzine, and Perl has been my programming language of
> choice for at least 22 years now.  I have attended a total of nine YAPC::NA
> conferences: St. Louis (2002), Chicago (2006), Houston (2007), Chicago
> (2008), Pittsburgh (2009), Columbus (2010), Asheville (2011), Madison
> (2012) and Austin (2013).  I work for Gannett Media Technologies
> International (GMTI) in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My co-worker (George Greer) has
> attended each YAPC::NA since Chicago in 2008.  My wife (Sherry Corzine) has
> also joined me every year since Columbus in 2010.  My brother (Scott
> Corzine) attended YAPC::NA 2002 in St. Louis with me.  In the past, somehow
> I never ran across anyone at YAPC from the Cincinnati area.
> This year, I was pleasantly surprised to meet not just one, but several
> people from the Cincinnati area.  First was Henry Van Styn from IntelliTree
> Solutions, who gave me his card when I met him at the Dtrace talk.  At the
> game night, I met Chuck Phillips, Jon Gentle and Greg Estep (all from
> SafeSchools).  Chuck gave me his card, and Jon and Greg gave me their email
> addresses.
> Searching the attendee list, I also saw Michael Conrad from IntelliTree
> Solutions on the list as well.  I don't recall meeting him at YAPC, but I
> found his email address on CPAN, so I'm including him on this email.
> I'm also copying Wayne Blackburn, who has worked with George and I at GMTI
> for several years now (though he hasn't attended YAPC), and Chris Wagner,
> who literally just started working for GMTI yesterday (and who struck me as
> an enthusiastic Perl advocate during the interview).
> I'm also sending this email to Brent Hill, who appears to be the most
> recent organizer of the Cincinnati.pm Perl Mongers group.  Brent, is the
> Cincinnati.pm group currently active?  Are you still interested in being
> the organizer, or is another volunteer needed?
> It seems that Cincinnati.pm has been started and restarted a couple times
> without maintaining much momentum.  I was unaware of the most recent
> restarting and missed it entirely.  Over the years, I've contemplated
> trying to restart it myself, but there never seemed much point unless it
> included people I wasn't already going to see regularly.  Perl enthusiasts
> in Cincinnati seem few and far between, for reasons I can't fathom.  Or
> maybe we just haven't had much luck finding each other?
> Who would in interested in attending Cincinnati.pm meetings?  (Are some of
> you already doing so?)  Does anyone know of other Perl enthusiasts in the
> Cincinnati area that aren't already included on this email?
> Deven
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