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use jargon dict to improve english please:)

     The relationship among bugs, features, misfeatures, warts, and miswarts
might be clarified by the following hypothetical exchange between two
hackers on an airliner:

     A: "This seat doesn't recline."

     B: "That's not a bug, that's a feature. There is an emergency exit door
built around the window behind you, and the route has to be kept clear."

     A: "Oh. Then it's a misfeature; they should have increased the spacing
between rows here."

     B: "Yes. But if they'd increased spacing in only one section it would
have been a wart -- they would've had to make nonstandard-length ceiling
panels to fit over the displaced seats."

     A: "A miswart, actually. If they increased spacing throughout they'd
lose several rows and a chunk out of the profit margin. So unequal spacing
would actually be the Right Thing."

     B: "Indeed."

2008/7/15 truncatei <truncatei at gmail.com>:

> 我也想回去继续写Perl,可是最近找工作发现很少有这方面的,有的话就像Qiang说的,第一是语言,包括所有的工作职责开始都是纯英文的,我知道自己在英语的电话面试前肯定会败下来,都没好意思投。
> 2008/7/15 shijialee at gmail.com <shijialee at gmail.com>:
>> Mike.G wrote:
>> >
>> > Perl的话,还能让你有口饭吃。倒是最近和猎头接触得多,发现越来越多的美资,
>> > 欧洲企业或外包,
>> > 或移研发到中国,发现最近perl的case很多,就是找不到人。
>> Perl 的开发人员确实难找,国外也存在这些现象,但不象国内这么严重。
>> 不过与其死板的寻找可以立刻上手的人,还不如招一些有编程和开发经验(java,
>> C#, python 等)的人, 培训 3, 4 个月,来做 Perl. 毕竟语言是相通的,不同的
>> 大都是语法。
>> 在国外,公司也会通过招大学生实习,培训,经过一段的磨合时期,遇到合适的可
>> 以成为以后招聘的对象。
>> 这在一定程度上可以解决 Perl 开发人员难招的问题。
>> 如果我招人的话 :-)  首先要英文的读写没问题,其次才是 Perl, 估计在国内这
>> 还是很多开发人员的屏障吧。
>> Qiang
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