[Chicago-talk] Chicago-pm Meetup group is expiring and will be removed in 48 hours

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I'm in Madison, but I'm willing to put in a couple of beers worth of a donation whenever it's needed.
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On 8/12/2021 12:03 PM, James E Keenan wrote:
> On 8/12/21 12:46 PM, Mike Fragassi wrote:
>> Meetup's utility seems to be:
>> - it provides a discussion system, although we already have on here,
>> on the mailing list.
>> - it provides a group home page. Although we also have one at
>> https://chicago.pm.org/ <https://chicago.pm.org/>, there are a few
>> disadvantages to that. I think Doug owns it and bears the brunt of
>> maintaining it, for one, along with the duties of updating it with
>> events. There are events on the Meetup page that aren't mirrored on
>> the .pm.org <http://pm.org> page. (For the record, Joel Berger and
>> myself are both listed as "Organziers" for the Meetup page.) Also if
>> it matters, I don't see a way to comment on the pm.org
>> <http://pm.org> page.
>> - because it's a platform in use by many other user groups, in and
>> out of Chicago, announcements of meetings (even if strictly virtual)
>> can have much greater visibility than they do if we only post about
>> them to the mailing list. I've attended a few virtual events Jason
>> Crome has put on for Charlotte.pm, for instance. Although having that
>> outreach doesn't do much good if we don't even have any meetings to
>> speak of.
> Some out-of-town perspective.  My impression is that in New York City
> very, very few tech user groups are having meetings right now --
> virtual or otherwise.  We in ny.pm did have a couple of tech Zoom
> meetings last year, but none so far this calendar year.  The fact that
> the meeting was virtual meant that we could have an out-of-town
> speaker and had attendees from two continents -- but that was
> independent of meetup.com.  (Fortunately, I'm not the one writing the
> check for that group.)
> The NYC Linux group has not met, virtually or otherwise, since the
> start of the pandemic.  The NYC BSD User Group has held several tech
> meetings via Zoom this year -- but we don't use meetup.com for that.
> My recommendation is that if you can renew your meetup.com membership
> at a reasonable rate (perhaps by sharing with another *.pm), then you
> should do so; put together a few Zoom meetings just so people know
> you're alive; and hope that sometime in the future IRL meetings can
> resume.

These responses are convincing to me. Pre-pandemic, I drove out to
Aurora (?) to see Jason talk about Dancer based on a MeetUp invite. So,
I agree that MeetUp extends the reach. I'll chip in if someone will be
the point person.



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