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Tue Sep 13 09:05:01 PDT 2016

>  I would be grateful to here your suggestions.

Maybe not day 4 but soon - generate html, generate html from an input and 
generate and handle a form (use CGI example). The coolness of a working 
web page is a good hook, I've found, even if some of it is still magic. 
Read/munge a data file. Hmm, googling "perl for kids" gets a number of 
interesting hints (perlmonks) and:

Where he plans to teach them Ruby (by a book) and then Perl - sort of like 
Churchill's "and Greek for a treat!".

I did just start looking at Wolfram/Alpha's site - there's a bunch of 
stuff for "beginners"

though it's a little deep. Still you can do a lot in a little code so 
there's quick positive feedback. Seems like there's stuff for teaching 
younger kids too.

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