[Chicago-talk] Dreamweaver perl and mysql

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 09:55:22 PDT 2015

I do not know HTML. I have created a website with dreamweaver that mostly
just looks pretty and and jumps to different pages on a site. I have also
written a database app with perl->MySQL that users on a small LAN can use
to enter and query data. However, it is displayed on linux consoles using
rudimentary menu apps based on curses. I would like to create a website
that would allow users to enter and query data from MySQL databases and
carry out functions such as updating users via email when changes are made.
Since I don't know HTML or Apache can I just use dreamweaver and somehow
enter perl code to talk to MySQL? Or is there a better and easier way for
me to go about this?

Thanks for any ideas.

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