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Alan Mead amead2 at alanmead.org
Tue Aug 4 15:33:33 PDT 2015

There are many solutions.  I think most people install Dancer, etc.
locally and check out copies of the project from a software repository
using git, subversion, p4, etc.  But if you don't already have a repo or
you cannot reach it from home then you could just ZIP up the files and
send them to yourself. But this assumes you have a suitable development
computer at home.

You could also do what you propose. Even better, I think, would be to
use ssh tunneling because you wouldn't need to expose your nascent web
app to the Internet. You'd need to be able to ssh to the server at work,
then configure putty (at home) to forward to work and configure your
browser to use this proxy.  Something like this:


If you have Linux at home, you can of course do this.  I think it's just
"ssh -D <hostname>".


On 8/4/2015 5:01 PM, Richard Reina wrote:
> Please bear with me because I am an extreme newbie when it comes to
> web apps. That said I am playing around with dancer on a machine at my
> office. I make slight changes to the basic app that one builds with
> "dancer -a MyApp" and then start up dancer to see the changes on the
> local machine I would like to be able to work on
> the app while I am at home.  Would I have to leave this machine in the
> DMZ of my linksys router and then ssh to it? Or is the a better way of
> doing this?
> Thanks
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