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Shlomi Fish shlomif at shlomifish.org
Thu Nov 13 03:57:12 PST 2014

Hi Doug,

On Wed, 12 Nov 2014 01:53:34 -0600
Doug Bell <madcityzen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Every so often, someone asks me if I know anybody looking for Perl
> programmers, or if I know any Perl programmers looking for work. We've had
> employers, recruiters, and job-seekers visit the meetings. The other day, I
> had someone ask me something new: Did the Chicago Perl Mongers have any
> policy about posting job openings?
> I don't know if we've had any policy, but I personally don't like unsolicited
> e-mails, so instead, like Joel's been asking, we've got a jobs page up on our
> website at http://chicago.pm.org/jobs <http://chicago.pm.org/jobs>

I can access this link fine.

> Right now, I'm just planning on hand-curating the entries. Just send me or
> Joel (he volunteered, honest) an e-mail and we'll put a post on the site. For
> now, unless and until I get complaints, I'll notify the list of any additions
> to that page.
> So here's the first: An opening for a Senior Perl Developer:
> http://chicago.pm.org/jobs/2014-11-12-senior-perl-developer.html
> <http://chicago.pm.org/jobs/2014-11-12-senior-perl-developer.html>

This link:


gives me a 404:


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