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Doug Bell madcityzen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 09:47:47 PST 2013


This interests me. I've been coming to Chicago.PM for more than a year now,
and I've seen a few dozen people who are new to programming, or just new to
Perl, come to one meeting and not return. I know there are places here that
hire Perl developers who have trouble finding them (the Bank is one of

I think that most of our content is geared towards the
intermediate-advanced Perl programmer. I know that I tend to volunteer to
talk about things that interest me, and what interests me is what I'm
working on right now (usually).

If we want there to be Perl programmers to hire, I think we need to take an
active part in training them. I don't know what that entails, if it means
we have a set of introduction presentations that we give on a set schedule,
or if we continue using the Project Night as a hybrid "Here's something
advanced and cool" and "What are you having trouble with" night.

In addition, Orlando, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis/St. Paul all have 2-3 day
Perl workshops. We're centrally-located in a major transportation hub, we
could do the same.

PS: Does anyone know of a place where I can set up a free, anonymous survey?

Doug Bell
madcityzen at gmail.com
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