[Chicago-talk] scalar question

Brian Katzung briank at kappacs.com
Mon Jan 31 14:25:20 PST 2011

my $fl1 = '3321-1.pdf';
my $root1;
($root1 = $fl1) =~ s/-.*//; # s/// only effects $root1 here

   - Brian

On 2011-01-31 15:40, Richard Reina wrote:
> I know I should no this, but I don't and was wondering if someone could enlighten me.  I have some scalars that represent filenames and look like this
> my $fl1=3321-1.pdf
> my $fl2=3321-2.pdf
> my $fl3=3432-1.pdf
> I can get everything before the "-" like this:
> $fl2=~s/\-.*//; # get the root of the filename
> but how can I do it without changing the contents of the original scalar? I'd like to put the result directly in a new scalar.
> $root_name= $f12=~s/\-.*//; # get the root of the filename
> Thanks.

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