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Joel Limardo joel.limardo at forwardphase.com
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I think there are several reasons why I wouldn't do something like that:

a) Most places I've worked have a non-disclosure agreement that I signed
that stipulates that I will not discuss specifics of past assignments.
Discussing the company's systems/needs/etc. may violate this.

b) When I'm done with a project I trust that the documentation and hand-off
procedures I've implemented will do their job. I normally only accept
requests from the person who actually took over my position and I try to
restrict conversation to the documentation -- for instance, if I omitted
something I will discuss it. Otherwise, I'm not going to be compensated for
providing free training for subsequent personnel, so why do it?

c)  Your code should be understandable, well documented, and readable. If
all those things are true, I would think a subsequent developer would have
little need to discuss it UNLESS that person is not familiar with the
language or the system I was coding for. In that case the company has
replaced you with someone who does not have equivalent skills. When this has
happened to me in the past I would be flooded with questions on how to do
this and that, mostly things that one could find in a book.  That is why
I've learned to restrict my discussions to things that I accidentally
omitted or anything that was unclear.

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 4:12 PM, Alexander Danel
<alexander.danel at gmail.com>wrote:

>  Hey, fellow Chicago Perl mongers,
> Is there at place where we share employment experiences?  I know there is a
> Chicago job board, what is the URL to that?  What about just chatting about
> jobs – are we allowed to do that here?
> For example, I just finished a contract at a large, traditional financial
> institution, I’ll just say the name starts with the letter ‘N’.  I noticed
> the same project manager is now hiring, looking for Perl and Oracle.  It
> occurs to me that some fellow Perl monger might be considering taking that
> job, and wishes they could talk to someone about what the experience might
> be like.  Of course, I’m available for conversation, just e-mail me before
> you take that job at a traditional financial institution starting with the
> letter ‘N’.  But is there a forum for such communication?
> Alexander
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