[Chicago-talk] Before you take that job . . .

Alexander Danel alexander.danel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 14:12:02 PDT 2010

Hey, fellow Chicago Perl mongers,


Is there at place where we share employment experiences?  I know there is a
Chicago job board, what is the URL to that?  What about just chatting about
jobs - are we allowed to do that here?


For example, I just finished a contract at a large, traditional financial
institution, I'll just say the name starts with the letter 'N'.  I noticed
the same project manager is now hiring, looking for Perl and Oracle.  It
occurs to me that some fellow Perl monger might be considering taking that
job, and wishes they could talk to someone about what the experience might
be like.  Of course, I'm available for conversation, just e-mail me before
you take that job at a traditional financial institution starting with the
letter 'N'.  But is there a forum for such communication?




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