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Anthony Simonelli asimonelli01 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 20:57:14 PDT 2010

Thank you everyone for the welcome.  I was not criticizing Chicago PM or the website at all; it was not my intention.  I just mentioned it because I was really looking forward to joining the discussion and see what was going on in the community and, upon seeing the website, I was afraid the group was not active anymore.  Would have been a real shame.  Good to see that the mailing list is alive and well.  I too have some experience with websites, nothing professional but out of my own interest, so I can lend a hand if you need it.  I completely understand that not many people have a lot of free time to devote and are investing more time into other things like their jobs.  I can say that it is true for me.  Look forward to the list!

On Tuesday 06 April 2010 10:07:16 am Sean Blanton wrote:
> Yes, welcome. Sorry if my time-challenged reply sounded brusque and sorry to Anthony if you felt compelled to write a warmer welcome because of me. The fact is, it is a lot of work to maintain good communication and it takes someone with an interest, a drive and time to make it happen. <Time>, I think being the big problem. In a way my email suffered from the same problem you felt the website had - a lack of time/effort (available resources) to communicate to newbies.
> Honestly, since you are new and have identified an issue from your fresh newbie perspective, you are in a great position to offer specific suggestions. Maybe you can propose content changes and send to Brian or Josh. How about "we have a friendly and active mailing list and suggest you dive right in" or something similar? It's also a volunteer group, so if you want to meet or doing something new or fix something, you can take a lead to make it happen.
> So, welcome. I'm doing a lot with Moose, networking, systems administration, XML, database, reporting, R and am a heavy Eclipse/EPIC/Openmake Mojo user, though vi is close to my heart. Many of the most experienced and active movers and shakers in the Perl world are active on the list and it is a special treat to have access to their experience and knowledge. Involvement with the Chicago Perl community has definitely helped me be more successful!
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> Outreach and newcomer activities at many organizations simply fall down the list of priorities -- it may have something to do with human nature. I was at a conference last week where I was totally confused about what the first day's schedule was or where the activities were taking place.  After talking to someone who was familiar I realized that I was suffering from newbie-itis...those familiar with the program simply 'knew' where everything was.
> Let me be the first (as far as I can tell) to welcome you.  You are correct, the website is a bit out of date, but as far as mailing lists go this one is fairly active. If you are stuck on something and need immediate help you might try perlmonks.org<http://perlmonks.org> or http://www.irc.perl.org/channels.html, sign in, and ask away. You would be surprised at how quickly you will get a response, but don't forget to do a bit of homework before you post (read the pod, try something out) or else you might get flamed.
> I'm certain other members here have good advice as well. Good luck and happy learning.
> On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 10:46 PM, Anthony Simonelli <asimonelli01 at gmail.com<mailto:asimonelli01 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hey there!  New to Perl.  It's used a great deal at my work for reporting and text processing so I'm trying to get proficient in it.  Reading "Learning Perl" (the Llama book) and am enjoying it so far (especially all of the comments).  Thought it would be good to join the local PM group in Chicago, but the website seems to be out of date.  The mailing list seems to be working but the website should really be updated because it gives the impression that the group isn't really active anymore.
> Is this mailing list for discussions, networking (in the people sense), technical help or all three?  Out of personal interest, one thing I wanted to ask is if anyone has any experience with using Perl and Qt4.  I'm looking to create a GUI application and am wondering if Qt or wxWidgets is the way to go with Perl.  I know that there isn't a lot of support for Perl and Qt4 right now, but some are working on it:  http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Perl+Qt4?content=69748  I know that wxWidgets works pretty well as a cross platform GUI.  Any advice or resources would hep a great deal.
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