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Hi Matt, I'd like to hear a bit about how Optiver uses Perl to support their
cutting edge high-frequency trading operations that I read about in the New
York Times. If we get a context and some specifics for how Perl is used, it
would be interesting to those not actively seeking a job as well as those
that might be.
I gave a talk at a previous meeting where I talked about our company and
software and at the end suggested anyone interested should contact me. I
did/tried to spend most of the time on the broader technology challenges and
how Perl helps us.


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> hey guys,
> i haven't been to a meeting in some time but have been lurking.
> i work for a trading company (Optiver, in house proprietary trading
> applications) and we are looking for talented application engineers
> (configure, support, architect, enhance) and linux sysadmins.  With both
> jobs, perl scripting abilities is highly desired.
> First, sorry if this isn't the correct route to announce this.
> Second, next meeting, would it be ok if we had our HR person drop by and
> chat, talk about the company, etc?  or...this can be done electronically i
> guess.
> Third, i am not a recruiter fyi.  i have been to a couple pm meetings in
> chicago and know there is more talent there than the crud recruiters bring
> to us.
> thanks and again, sorry if this isn't the right venue/list for this.
> matt
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