[Chicago-talk] jobs at optiver...

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Mon Oct 12 08:42:09 PDT 2009

hey guys,

i haven't been to a meeting in some time but have been lurking. 

i work for a trading company (Optiver, in house proprietary trading applications) and we are looking for talented application engineers (configure, support, architect, enhance) and linux sysadmins.  With both jobs, perl scripting abilities is highly desired. 

First, sorry if this isn't the correct route to announce this.  
Second, next meeting, would it be ok if we had our HR person drop by and chat, talk about the company, etc?  or...this can be done electronically i guess.
Third, i am not a recruiter fyi.  i have been to a couple pm meetings in chicago and know there is more talent there than the crud recruiters bring to us.

thanks and again, sorry if this isn't the right venue/list for this.



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